Are you interested in buying CRAZY COINS and be able to collaborate with this project?


Currently the way to get CRAZY coins is, making the weekly or monthly challenges or on the contrary buy them through the currency of the TRON network, called TRX.

The purchase option of CRAZY through Tronscan is limited for a certain time, after that period can only be achieved by making the challenges or buy it through some exchange.


Where can I buy CRAZY COINS?

Currently you can only buy CRAZY COINS in TRONSCAN, and you can only do so until December 31, 2020. After that time it will be impossible to buy CRAZY COINS and you will have to do it through some EXCHANGE.

The current price is: 1 trx = 100 CRAZY

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Promotional price

Price in promotion, for a limited time: 1 trx = 1.000 CRAZY

To obtain the promotional price, you just have to make the payment to the official CRAZY wallet " link "and send us an email to with the operation hash code, once checked, the CRAZY will be entered in the same payment account.



Thank you.